New Home Construction Client

Port St. Joe, FL

Our home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael and we had made the decision to buy an existing residence rather than to rebuild. We did not want to experience what we thought would be the stress and trouble of building a house 600 miles away in an area that had been devastated by a storm. We came to realize however, that we really preferred the lot where our old house was.

We were fortunate enough to meet up with Mike Smith – and he persuaded us into consider rebuilding. We were pleasantly surprised about how fast things happened. There were many steps and decisions that had to be made – and they were done within the time frame and cost that Mike had estimated. The inevitable thing that happens when you build a new home are the unexpected and unplanned “opportunities”. We had plenty – but his knowledge of the area and contacts that he has there made them all manageable ones. He was also quite helpful in suggesting changes and additions to our original plans that have made our home that much better and more enjoyable for us.

Another area that we have been quite pleased with is in the quality of the construction. Everything was up to our expectations – and there was nothing compromised to fit the budget we were working within. The few things that we needed addressed were done so quickly and to our satisfaction.

We would certainly recommend Mike Smith and GULF BUILDING COMPANY LLC to anyone that was considering a construction project.

Johnnie and Sylvia